I am a PhD Candidate in Linguistics and a Data Science Fellow at Northwestern University interested in prosody, pragmatics, phonetics, and aphasia. My research focuses on data-driven experimental approaches to understanding intonational meaning in American English. Adjacent to my research, I am interested in R package development, ordinal data analysis, data visualization, and experimental design. Outside of my research, I enjoy horror movies, graphic design, biking, and taking photos of cities.

At Northwestern I am affiliated with the Prosody & Speech Dynamics Lab.

Before coming to Northwestern, I obtained a BA in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, where I also worked with electrophysiological experiments on concessive connectors in the Language Processing Lab.

I can be reached at tsostarics [at] Please note that I only go by Thomas.


Thomas Sostarics

How to say my name (IPA: səstˈɛɹɪks)